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Wellness centre Bellevue

Here you can find relaxation, clean your body, and refresh your mind and spirit!

+386 2 607 51 00
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Balance the state of your body and mind with massage. Surrender yourself to the expertise of therapists, who guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Pamper your body and yield yourself to relaxation while having a massage, which eliminates all pains, and pleasantly affects your general psychophysical well-being.

Wellness massage relax, balancing, energy 45 min

Price: 37,00 EUR

Half body massage relax, balance, energy 20 min

Price: 23,00 EUR

Massage with herbal oils 45 min

Relaxing full body massage with warm oils from mountain herbs will take you back to the nature.

Price: 40,00 EUR

Pohorje relax 60 min

Full body herbal peeling will renew the skin through complete exfoliation and prepare your skin for herbal wrap and relaxing massage.

Price: 45,00 EUR

Massage with herbs wraped in a muslin bag 50 min

Combined power of carefully selected herbs, and innovative massage techniques will restore power and aligning the energy flow in your body. In the specific cotton cloth wrapped herbs, covered in warm oil are releasing beneficial substance and are perfect massage tool.

Price: 41,00 EUR

Antistress massage 50 min

Massage with aromatic oils will relax the muscles and relieve the tension, resulting in total well-being and relaxation.

Price: 40,00 EUR

Harmony for pregnant women 60 min

Soft massage will pamper your body, relieve those aches and pains in your back, give you feeling of lightness in your feet. Let us bring the harmony back in to your body.

Price: 42,00 EUR

Scen Tao 75 min

Massage with hot stones is an ancient therapy, where we use the volcanic hot stones to relax the muscle. The heat that penetrates in to the muscle will relax the muscle faster and give you the most relaxing feeling. Massage will increase blood circulation, muscle relaxation and balance you energy.

Price: 52,00 EUR

Mountain pearl 55 min

A pampering body flame massage with warm body butter, which contains natural ingredients from mountain flowers.

Price: 42,00 EUR

Sports massage 45 min

Massage with special oils will relax the tension in your muscles and relieve the pain. Recomended after all sports activity.

Price: 38,00 EUR

Foot massage 20 min

With reflex points on your feet the therapist will reliese the tension in your body and help you balance the whole body.

Price: 20,00 EUR

Face massage 20 min

Face massage will increase the blood circulation and elasticity of your skin. With hydrating creams your skin will be extremly smooth and elastic.

Price: 22,00 EUR


Hotel Bellevue is open during the winter season from 19/12/2014 til 15/03/2015.


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