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Wellness centre Bellevue

Here you can find relaxation, clean your body, and refresh your mind and spirit!

+386 2 607 51 00
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ico wellness


Create a harmony with yourself and treat yourself with a unique body care experience. Allow us to take you into the kingdom of senses, and lull you into a state of content relaxation.

Baborganic body ritual-green glamour 70 min

Baborganic treatmen will surprise you with soft feeling on your skin and increadable pleasant massage with real crystals.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Pampering your senses 70 min

Herbal piling in sauna will establish harmony in your body and will prepare you on revitalizing massage with herbal oils.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Honey symphony 70 min

Honey symphony is a delightfull and intensive ritual for your whole body, honey will detoxify your body through your skin and strenghten your imune system. When your body feels sweet and warm after peeling, will follow honey wrap and pampering massage.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Chocolate dreams 70 min

Let us pamper you with hot chocolate while you dose in sweet dreams. Relaxing hot chocolate massage will spoil you and take you to the pure tranquility. Chocolate causes stimulation of serotonin – hormon of happiness – nourishes and reminaralize skin.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Vitamin body cocktail 50 min

ACE vitamin body care will take care for your daily vitamin cocktail. Enjoy the smell and feel of different citrus, which will restore your skin's smoothness.

Price: 46,00 EUR

Aching feet and tired legs 60 min

Sage peeling and herbal wrap for your feet with a massage, will take you on a long walks again.

Price: 44,00 EUR

Full body herbal peeling 30 min

Price: 23,00 EUR


Hotel Bellevue is open during the winter season from 19/12/2014 til 15/03/2015.


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