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Wellness centre Bellevue

Here you can find relaxation, clean your body, and refresh your mind and spirit!

+386 2 607 51 00
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Aroma steam bath - Turkish sauna

(45C - 50C / 100% humidity)
Fine water steam with essential oils has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and improves its operation.

Extreme sauna - Finnsh sauna

(80C - 100C / 15% - 30% humidity)
It stimulates the heart beat and activity of the kidneys, which secrete salts and toxis substances from the body.

Chromotherapeutic Sauna - Finnish sauna

(60C - 80C /15% - 30% humidity)
Strengthens your system and relieves the stress. It heats the body in the depth and has a positive effect on.

Steam bath - Turkish sauna

(40C - 45C / 100% humidity)
It humidifies and cleans your respiratory tract. It helps fighting colds.

Suprise shower

63 showers with different temperatures guaranteee unique refreeshment after you leave the sauna.

Lacinium - Milld sauna

(35C - 37C / 20% - 30% humidity)
Heated resting area with ionization wall and selected fragrance offers a feeling of freshmess and perfect relaxation.

Resting area

Three separate spaces for resting and cooling on the outer terrace on fresh Pohorje air.

Ice Cave

It is excellent for an extreme body cooling with ice.

Working hours (from 23.12): everyday from 14.30  till 21.30



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